Open Letter: DROP WEST TEY

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Today, CAUSE has paid for a full page open letter to councillors in the Essex County Standard asking for West Tey to be dropped.

Click here to see the advert:  Advert Open Letter ECS 24 March


Advert Open Letter ECS 24 March

Below is a letter CAUSE has sent to the newspaper to reinforce the message:


Today we have taken out a full-page advert in this newspaper.   It asks why Colchester is promoting large-scale development at Marks Tey that it previously said was unsustainable and undesirable.

The problems associated with a massive development at Marks Tey have not changed, and glib infrastructure promises will not fix them.  Our councils and planners are sacrificing our countryside to build an unnecessary new town in the wrong place.  It’s a vanity project.

We are told that everything is different now.  We are promised beautifully designed, contemporary settlements with full infrastructure provision. They say our villages will be protected if garden settlements are built.

We don’t believe their promises.

The infrastructure and contingency budgets for West Tey are unrealistically low and local taxpayers will be on the hook for decades to come.  Our quality of life will worsen or be destroyed, and our villages will not be protected.

Our councils simply don’t have the track record or expertise for this scale of project.

All things considered, West Tey would be a monumental mistake.