New plan in three months? Delusional…

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“Braintree’s Leader, Mr Butland, asserts that a new plan can be compiled in just three months. This is an astonishing display of denial and shows that he hasn’t understood the inspector’s letter.

Before the autumn, he will have to create a new, and objective, sustainability appraisal report, design, and achieve funding for, a mass rapid transit system, guarantee funding for the A120, provide evidence of affordable homes and, most importantly demonstrate that any of his schemes are financially viable.    The inspector suggests that this will take two to three years.

Mr Butland, also a director of NEGC Ltd, seems to have made this fundamental decision under delegated powers without the courtesy of allowing his local plan committee or full council a vote.

Speculative developers like Gladman will be rubbing their hands together in glee, knowing that Braintree will spend the next year or so wasting time and tax-payers’ money pursuing a failed project while neglecting to ensure that the short and medium term plan is up to date.

Instead of protecting our villages from sprawl, as Mr Butland promises, he is doing the opposite.”


This statement responds to the below from Braintree District Council: