Watch this space summer 2019 for more info.  We will keep you informed about how you can respond to the latest public consultation on the north Essex garden communities.  Before the consultation there will be a series of council meetings at which the new evidence is debated.  Contact

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The authorities asked Land Use Consultants to carry out a review of around twenty-five garden community alternatives.   Here are two blogs which give you some background on the approach taken:

An impossible task (note on the stakeholder workshop)

Can’t see the wood for the garden communities

The authorities’ original proposals were found unsound in 2018 and this consultation will be about their new proposals.   The Inspector’s letter can be read here:  Inspector’s Letter 8 June


The consultation is not about whether you like the proposals or not. If the consultation does go ahead, it will mean the authorities have already decided to submit what they think is a sound set of ‘modification’s to the Inspector for Examination.   The public and stakeholders, including CAUSE, will have to decide if the Plan is ‘sound’, based on four tests in the National Planning Policy Framework.   Confusingly, because the Plan is suspended, the old NPPF tests will  be used, not 2019 NPPF.