February 2020 – awaiting Inspector’s letter

Following the (second) Examination of the North Essex Garden Communities ‘Section 1’ Plan in January, the Inspector requested a few final submissions.  He will write to the authorities within a few weeks setting out next steps.    He could:

  1. Find the Plan sound
  2.  Find the Plan unsound and recommend withdrawal
  3.  Find the plan capable of being made sound with ‘main modifications’.   These would have to be consulted on for six weeks and subject to further hearings.

We would like to thank our supporters for their generous donations, which enabled us to fund a fantastic team of experts (planning consultant, barrister, transport consultant, air quality consultant and sustainability appraisal consultant) and to those who turned up day-in, day-out during Examination.  All our submitted evidence is here:  http://www.cause4livingessex.com/about-cause/cause-papers-and-evidence/

Other announcements awaited are, the A12 Housing Infrastructure Bid and the A120 dualling funding commitment.

Say NO to moving the A12

If you are concerned about West Tey and/or the proposal to move the A12, please email robert.jenrick.mp@parliament.uk and ask him to DECLINE the HIF bid.   You can attach this, or print it out and post it to him at 29A London Rd, Newark NG24 1TN.  Please copy in your MP.



We are fighting the biggest urbanisation of rural England since Milton Keynes! We have been very efficient in our use of experts but will need further legal and planning advice this summer, including input from  an air quality specialist.   We are well on the way to raising our target of £20,000 but we need all the help we can get.  Please click here to donate to CAUSE:   I would like to donate

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Contact stopurbansprawlnow@gmail.com


THANK YOU TO OUR VOLUNTEERS, you delivered thousands of these in summer 2019!

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Consultation now closed:  I want to respond Summer 2019 consultation


Thank you very much for your help.


You can get in touch with us by emailing:  stopurbansprawlnow@gmail.com


Garden settlements+Uford

West Tey purple blob map    Petition folder1

‘Monks Wood’

 Monks Wood regional map

For an example of the kind of advice we have paid for to date, here is our responses to consultations:

CAUSE submission Publication Plan 2017

CAUSE garden communities submission Sep 2016