Democratic deficit?

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CAUSE has concerns about community engagement during Colchester’s Preferred Options consultation.  We have written to Colchester’s ‘Democratic Services’ team setting out our concerns:


We have also sent this letter to the Essex County Standard today:

Dear Sir
We have further evidence that the Local Plan consultation process was not a consultation and that decisions have already been made.   The ink is barely dry, and responses have not been analysed, yet Colchester Council’s website indicates an attempt to sign off up to £220,000 of tax payers’ money to carry out further work on both the ‘east’ and ‘west’ (so-called West Tey) garden communities.  
This is premature.   Analysis of responses, may (and should) result in West Tey being dropped from the Local Plan.   
Our consultants were clear:   a Local Plan which includes a garden community at west Colchester is not, to use planning speak, ‘sound’.  We are still awaiting a requested meeting to discuss our findings.  Meanwhile the juggernaut trundles onwards and the 7,700 people who signed our petition are ignored.
Yours faithfully
Rosie Pearson
More in CAUSE’s Preferred Options submission September 2016: