CAUSE’s 10-point Plan


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The Metro Concept

CAUSE was challenged by MPs to create a different vision for north Essex.  Supported by a team of experts we came up with the ‘Metro’ concept.  It supports the local economy, is based around under-utilised transport and locates houses near to jobs.

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Consultants’ reports below.

Metro Plan what is it

The plan was prepared by a team which included:

  • Dr Nicholas Falk (internationally recognised urban designer and winner of the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize);
  • Tim Pharoah, Transport Consultant;
  • Joanna Chambers, Planning Consultant;
  • Jonathan Tyler, Railway Consultant;
  • Alan Stones, Architect and Urban Designer

To find out more, please click below for full reports:


Overview Colchester Metro Plan

CAUSE vision versus West Tey matrix


Jonathan Tyler CAUSE Report FINAL

Tim Pharoah Living Transport report for CAUSE FINAL


CAUSE is a co-founder of ‘A Better Way’, principles for good development:









Into the engagement funnel

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North Essex Garden Communities Ltd (NEGC) is ‘engaging’ this autumn.  The public is being managed through a funnelling process which aims to breakdown resistance to the new towns and create compliant local communities who will design West Tey, East Colchester … Read More

A12 drop-in events

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Highways England is holding a series of public drop-in events about the NEGC proposals to move the A12 to accommodate a bigger West Tey – link to dates below. Here is a reminder of our initial thoughts about the consultation: … Read More

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