Submission to Raynsford Review

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The Raynsford Review of Planning was set up by the Town and Country Planning Association to identify how the Government can reform the English planning system to make it fairer, better resourced and capable of producing quality outcomes, while still … Read More

CAUSE consultation response

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CAUSE’s response to the Publication Local Plan has been submitted.    Over 1,100 people have asked us to represent them.   Click here to read it: CAUSE Local Plan response 2017   The report explains why the decision to include three new … Read More

New Towns: Learning from the past

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New Towns: Learning from the past A body of literature points out the risks associated with delivering new communities.  However, these lessons have not been learned, or even acknowledged, in the North Essex Garden Communities project. It is well known … Read More

Thoughts from the NIMBY front-line

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THOUGHTS FROM THE NIMBY FRONT LINE ‘Nimby’.   The word is usually used with barely hidden contempt, dismissing anyone who does not like a housing proposal.   I know, because I am now classed as one.    House-building experts, and even our Government, … Read More

Rail capacity update

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This is a report by Jonathan Tyler of Passenger Transport Networks commissioned by CAUSE.   It concludes that the required increase to 32 trains per hour into Liverpool Street to meet forecast demand is not achievable: RAIL CONSTRAINTS Introduction This paper summaries … Read More

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