Uttlesford’s Plan is separate from the North Essex Garden Communities,  but becoming more linked.  It is under Examination and, as of Sept 2019, the Inspectors have asked for further consultation, with a submission date of 11 Sep.  Much of the new evidence being considered is also in the NEGC evidence base

Uttlesford proposes 18,000 homes in three ‘garden communities’

These include part of West of Braintree, Easton Park and Uttlesford North.



(CAUSE talks to these campaign groups.)

Map of Uttlesford GC’s:

SP7 Uttlesford North

SP6 Easton Park

SP8 the Uttlesford side of West of Braintree (proposed by the North Essex Authorities).   The map below illustrates the problem with cross-boundary new settlements – two sets of consultations, two sets of Examinations.

UttlesfordGCsEast UttlesfordGCNorth

Uttlesford Local Plan info:


Maps:  http://udc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=7cc9bd5aef43445bbbf6c454741364a7