Monks Wood Pattiswick development parcels

900 hectares (2,200 acres:  the entire Pattiswick Estate)

Up to 13,500 homes

32,400 people

A fourth settlement, known as Monks Wood, is still being promoted, adjacent to Coggeshall.  CAUSE opposes it.  It is as unsuitable, unsustainable and undeliverable as the three preferred by the authorities.   See why here:   CAUSE Monks Wood pack

The obsession of the councils with large, stand-alone ‘garden communities’ gave rise to this fourth proposal, which otherwise would not be given the time of day due to its location and unsustainability.

The land promoter, Lightwood, asserted that its proposal was not given full consideration by the authorities.   In addition, the councils neglected to send Lightwood’s representations to the Inspector with the result that they were unaware of the Examination in Public and missed the first week.

CAUSE is keeping a close eye on this proposal.  Email us on for more info


Promoter info below:

Monks Wood Briefing Note 2019