CAUSE has worked with planning consultants, urban designers and transport consultants to build the following evidence base.

Latest papers:

Be like Plimsoll, not Captain Calamity..: “Garden Cities”: What Costs? Time for Plimsoll

Activities following inspector’s letter 2018

The inspector’s letter is here – the first 8 June and a follow-up on 2 August, plus a third on OAN.   He found the garden community proposals unsound: Inspector’s Letter 8 June

Legal opinion by Martin Edwards of Cornerstone Barristers for CAUSE:  CAUSE Second Further Opinion 29 Jan 2019

CAUSE submission to SA Methodology consultation 1 Feb 2019:  CAUSE Response LUCMethodology Feb 1, 2019

Letter to authorities & inspector from CAUSE, 2 November 2018:   CAUSELetter to NEAsNovember2

Paper sent to Land Use Consultants, October 2018:   Letter to LUC- Final

CAUSE has created this pack to clarify what options 1 and 2 in his letter mean: CAUSEUnderstanding the options

Letter to officers July 2018:   MichaelRobsonLetter Vipond 02072018

Monks Wood

Comments on the new Sustainability Appraisal MONKS WOOD: Monks Wood SA pack November 2018FINALUpdate1.0

Attachment to Monks Wood pack:   Monks Wood National examples

Letter to Bosch November 15, 2018:   BoschLetterNov2018

Here are the various Monks Wood papers from the promoter:

Examination in Public of North Essex Garden Communities 2018

Evidence for additional hearing day, May 9 2018

CAUSE notes of the day:   NOTES 9 May 2018 Additional Hearing Day

Click here for our Hearing Statement: CAUSE May 9th Hearing Statement RESUBMISSION-FINAL

Click here for legal opinion prepared for CAUSE:  Counsel’s opinion Thursday 12 April 2018

PWC commercial review of garden communities referred to in hearing statement: PWC report 16 Dec 2016

Comments on North Herts Study:  May 9 Additional comments N Herts study CAUSE

Garden communities funding application referred to: HCA Garden Town Capacity Funding Submission

Also earlier submission here:  2016_2017 Funding Application NEGC

Monks Wood paper (analysis of sustainability appraisal), not accepted by the Inspector:  Appendix 4 SA Analysis Monks Wood 9 April


Click here for our papers prepared for the first six days of the examination, held January 2018:


And appendices:

Matter 6 zAppendix 3 NEGC letter

Matter 4 zAttachment 2 on Council’s 2008 views

Matter 1 zAttachment 1 Lightwood’MonksWood’Opinion

Counsel’s Opinion:    CAUSE Counsel’s Opinion Jan 2018

West Tey Issues & Options DPD Consultation January 2018

For our response, click here:  West Tey DPD framework response

For our addendum, following the Examination in Public, click here: West Tey DPD addendum

Monks Wood

Letter of concern to Braintree re Monks Wood:  Monks Wood BDC letter 21 Oct 2016 FINAL

Hearing statements etc on Inspector’s page:   Monks Wood examination papers etc

BradwellPattiswick Neighbourhood Plan – Reg 14 for consultation:  BradPattNP Reg 14 Draft_v1_51

Miscellaneous papers

Why West Tey is too big to succeed:  Click here to read “Small is Beautiful”

and the second version: Small is beautiful 2 The Wider Context

CAUSE response to DCLG Locally-led New Towns legislation consultation:   CAUSE response to consultation on locally led Development Corporations Dec 2017 FINAL

Commercial review of NEGC by PWC (redacted): PWCNorth Essex report_Final Report R2_Redacted (003)

32,000 extra seats on trains promised in the Abellio franchise.  Really?   CAUSE’s rail consultant investigates:  How many extra seats?

Consultation on the Publication Local Plan, summer 2017:

CAUSE 2017 Part 1 Consultation response

For a summary, click here:  Part 1 response 2017 one-page summary

Viability update Feb 2018:  West Tey Viability update Feb 2018

*See also the full papers on constraints to the expansion of capacity on the Great Eastern Mainline here:

Rail constraints, by Jonathan Tyler May 2017

Rail franchise, by Jonathan Tyler, May 2017


Preferred Options consultation, 2016:

CAUSE Preferred Options consultation response September 2016