What is West Tey?

  • 24,000 -home garden community;

  • Biggest garden city proposed in England;

  • Population 56,784;

  • 31,200 cars, up to 200,000 journeys per day;

  • Around 4,000 extra  rail commuters;

  • Located around Marks Tey, to cover 1300 hectares;

  • To be delivered over 50+ years;

  • Part of the North Essex Garden Communities project, a grouping of Colchester, Braintree & Tendring Councils

What is the current status of West Tey?

October 2017 – A ‘broad area of search’ has been included in the Local Plan which will be submitted to the Planning Inspector very soon.    It is one of three settlements in the North Essex Garden Communities project, and it is known as ‘Part 1’ of the Plan.  Responses to the most recent consultation will be sent with the Plan to the Inspector.  There will also be an ‘Issues & Options’ consultation about each of the sites.

February 2018 – Sometime early in the New Year, the Planning Inspector will come to Essex for the hearings.    CAUSE will attend, and aims to speak.   We will need to raise funds for our consultants in advance:  http://www.cause4livingessex.com/get-involved/

What is CAUSE?

CAUSE is a group opposing West Tey.  We have the support of 8500 people who signed our petition and 1,100 who asked us to represent them in the most recent consultation.  We are run by volunteers and have a committee of around fifteen, and a team of transport, planning and urban design consultants.  We have analysed the council's evidence base and do not believe that West Tey is viable, deliverable or sustainable.    The infrastructure promises made by the councils do not match the sums allocated in the viability appraisal.    Read more here: CAUSE consultation response 2017

Contact us on stopurbansprawlnow@gmail.com

The map below shows the two halves of West Tey – purple is in Braintree District, Green stripes are Colchester Borough:

23660 map

Previous consultation response, to the Preferred Options:  CAUSE consultation response Sep 2016  

Petition folder1

See why you should worry about West Tey: 



The Campaign Against Urban Sprawl in Essex (CAUSE) was founded in 2010 and incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2015.

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