A12 drop-in events

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Highways England is holding a series of public drop-in events about the NEGC proposals to move the A12 to accommodate a bigger West Tey – link to dates below.

Here is a reminder of our initial thoughts about the consultation:   http://www.cause4livingessex.com/?p=1705

If you want an easy action, just fill in their form, saying NO:  routes not needed; NO West Tey; NO to the HIF bid; NO to destroying the countryside and village life; NO to diverting a trunk road to suit NEGC; NO to wasting tax-payers money.   YES to the 2017 options.

Questions you can ask

1. Is Highways England allowed to divert a trunk road to suit a state-sponsored developer (NEGC Ltd) and some land owners promoting a new town? Trunk roads should benefit the region, not be bent or moved to accommodate developments!

2. Why is Highways England withholding all the traffic modelling, air quality, noise and route cost info and detailed maps until 18 Nov (IF they actually publish it then)? That is only two weeks before end of consultation and after all but one of the drop in events.

3. Do they consider the consultation to be lawful given the lack of info? How can anyone make a decision based on no info?

4. Why aren’t these routes being presented alongside the 2017 ‘online routes’ so that people can make a decision with all options?

5. Why has Highways England allowed NEGC Ltd to persuade them to waste tax payers’ money on this consultation now (or at all!), before the garden communities are examined?

6. What is their view on the State Aid risk of asking for money from government to move a road to favour NEGC’s and Gateway120’s development?

7. What is the complaints procedure if a consultation is believed to be unsatisfactory?

8. Why aren’t other options such as no West Tey, smaller West Tey or A12 bridges considered better value for money for the tax payer than £229m to move the A12?

9. Why won’t they publish the Housing Infrastructure Bid which purports to say why £229m is good use of tax payers’ money?

10. Why are they pressing ahead with the consultation despite the election?


EVENTS & further info: